We are in the production phase for our 2D character design. This means we have to produce rigs for different characters to then be animated.
-Rough Rigs done for main characters which need to be fully developed
-Designs and sketches for secondary characters
-3D Character Meshes
We Need:
-Main Character rigs completed 
-Secondary Character rigs started
-3D characters rigged in blender
Cokez is a coconut vendor from town. He's a cool, reliable friendly face in his community. A pillar of good vybz with refreshing coconuts and banter. His coconuts are known to be the coldest and he's known for his big personality, laughter, and securing repeat customers.

Rig type: Master Controller
Roy the doubles vendor is prideful to a fault, a fragile little man. If anyone thrives it must be at his expense. This includes the coconut vendor across the street who keeps getting more customers than him... 

Rig type: Master Controller
Goat Roy
The manifestation of Roy's badmind attitude, this transformation of the doubles vendor serves as his karmic kick in the face.
Rig type: Master Controller
In Trinidad folklore, a Buck is a small, stout human-like creature often depicted with long arms, sharp teeth and claws. While Bucks are considered to be mischievous and possibly evil spirits, they are also reported in Trinidad folklore to bring good fortune to those capable of keeping and controlling them.

In this film the bucks help Roy serve customers
Pierrot Grenade
The Pierrot Grenade is a traditional mas character in Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival. He is often depicted as a jester-like figure, dressed in a brightly colored costume full of colorful strips of cloth with a white mask.

(Still needs to be done in B3D)
Father + Son
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